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Jan. 3, 2018

A new AGA article series in CGH provides guidance to help you efficiently manage your practice.

A new AGA article series on enhancing the value of care in gastroenterology and hepatology starts this month in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology (CGH). The series aims to emphasize areas in which equal or better GI care can be achieved using fewer resources. Although the term “high-value care” may lead you to think lower cost, this series also focuses on the use of fewer unnecessary procedures and/or less invasive testing to reduce patient risk and attain earlier diagnosis. 

Authors will provide guidance about what constitutes high-value care (i.e., care that improves patient outcomes without simultaneously increasing costs) in a specific disease area; however, the articles are not meant to promote high-value care guidelines for digestive diseases. Articles in the series strive to make the GI community cognizant to this way of medical thinking. 

The first articles in the series focus on liver disease:

AGA and the editors of CGH believe that high-value care will continue to be an important part of medical practice and that education in this area is essential. We hope that you find this nine article series of value in your practice of GI and hepatology. 

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