2015-06-01 18:23:17 UTC

June 1, 2015

Your AGA Research Foundation gifts support Dr. Xiang Xue from University of Michigan.

Your AGA Research Foundation gifts support Xiang Xue, PhD, from University of Michigan, who received the 2015 AGA Research Scholar Award for his work: understanding the mechanisms of iron-driven colon tumorigenesis.

“I am greatly honored to receive the 2015 AGA Research Scholar Award and would like to thank selection committee for their recognition of my work and the foundation members who generously contributed to this award. I am receiving this grant at a very critical stage in my career. This funding will facilitate the further development of my academic career in GI physiology and disease. My research focuses on mechanisms, which drive the progression of colon cancer. The role of cell metabolism in colon cancer has been well studied. However, understanding mechanisms and significance of micronutrient metabolism in cancer are not known. Several large epidemiological studies show a direct correlation between high systemic iron levels and colon cancer risk. Previously we reported that dysregulation of local iron homeostasis by the transcription factor HIF2α is a major pathway in driving the progression of colon cancer. Currently the precise mechanisms leading to increased intratumoral iron and the role iron plays in colon carcinogenesis are still unclear. This fellowship provides me with the opportunity to fill these important gaps to provide novel therapeutic targets for colon cancer treatment.”

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