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June 20, 2016

New articles will focus on topics with great impact on the clinical practice of gastroenterology and hepatology.

In order to quickly respond to the latest updates and changes in the GI field, AGA has formed a Clinical Practice Updates Committee, chaired by David A. Katzka, MD, AGAF. The committee is charged with providing authoritative and balanced articles that have the greatest impact on the clinical practice of gastroenterology and hepatology. 

Potential subjects for the new clinical practice updates will come from several sources in coordination with the AGA Clinical Guidelines Committee:

  • Important topics that are proposed for an AGA guideline, but do not meet the rigid criteria for guideline grading. 
  • Ideas generated by the Clinical Practice Updates Committee members and journal editors, as well as by other AGA committees and AGA members themselves. If you have an idea for a Clinical Practice Update, let us know on the AGA Community.
  • Summaries of important symposia, such as the yearly Freston Conference. 

Clinical practice updates may be presented in the form of a comprehensive, narrative review or, for particularly timely issues in gastroenterology, hepatology and health care in general, as a rapid commentary. Read more about the vetting process

Infection Using ERCP Endoscopes

The first clinical practice update, Infection Using ERCP Endoscopes, (log in required), was published in Gastroenterology. It examines the issue of patient-to-patient transmission of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae infection during ERCP. This issue reached the awareness of the medical community in 2014 when CDC published the findings of their investigation of a suburban Chicago case cluster. The review discusses issues surrounding why duodenoscopes are prone to persistent contamination and offers recommendations on how the risk of persistent contamination be reduced. 

AGA is excited about this new process as a means to enhance our already outstanding journals, which are dedicated to publishing the best research and practice information in our field. 

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