During its July meeting, the AGA Governing Board reviewed an environmental scan report and discussed how AGA might address the most pressing issues facing the field. The report, which was developed by staff and informed by discussions held with AGA Corporate Roundtable members in May 2019, addresses the following issues.

  • How vertical and horizontal integration are challenging traditional business models and operational tactics and reshaping the provider and payor landscape.
  • The factors impacting access to care, from rising health care costs to increasing deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses to utilization management restrictions.
  • The growth in patient consumerism and patient centricity fueled by increasing health care costs and a growing interest in alternatives to traditional care among younger generations.
  • GI workforce issues, including the growing number of employed gastroenterologists, increasing workload, anticipated workforce shortages, and physician burnout.
  • The consolidation of GI practices and the introduction of private equity investment.
  • How health care systems, AMCs and hospitals are adapting their traditional business models to address increasing pressures to reduce operating expenses, improve patient outcomes and deal with personnel shortages.
  • The impact of technology on practice, including artificial intelligence, data analytics and virtual services.

The report is being used by the AGA Governing Board and AGA committees for strategic planning and to prioritize AGA programs and the allocation of resources. While the changing healthcare landscape poses challenges to AGA members and the field overall, it also provides opportunities for AGA to better serve its members as their needs evolve. Annual updates will be made to the report to ensure its relevance.