2015-07-30 17:41:07 UTC

July 30, 2015

New technologies provide endoscopists with more options in treating Barrett’s esophagus.

FDA has provided 510(k) clearance for two new devices from C2 Therapeutics — the Coldplay Cryoballoon Full Ablation System and the Coldplay Cryoballoon Swipe Ablation System. Both devices aim to treat patients with Barrett’s esophagus at risk of developing esophageal cancer.

The first device, Coldplay Cryoballoon Ablation System, comprises a through-the-scope balloon catheter that is simultaneously inflated and cooled by an inert refrigerant delivered through a small disposable handheld unit. This device will allow endoscopists to ablate larger areas of tissue in endoscopic applications, in a shorter period of time.

The second technology, the Coldplay Cryoballoon Focal Ablation System, eliminates the need for precise sizing, multiple deployment steps and controller units.

The AGA Center for GI Innovation and Technology is an advocate for new technologies in GI and is pleased to see these new device move forward in an effort to improve patient care. 

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