2017-05-16 15:02:50 UTC

May 16, 2017

Five technologies were presented to our panel of “Sharks” at the 2017 AGA Tech Summit. Which innovations will make it to market?

A group of aspiring innovators appeared before a panel of experts at the 2017 AGA Tech Summit Shark Tank event to make the case for how their novel device or technology could help advance the field of gastroenterology. The five devices presented to the sharks saught to:

  • Analyze RNA biomarkers in stool samples.
  • Reduce risk of repetitive motion injuries.
  • Identify and classify small polyps during a procedure.
  • Prevent ERCP infections.
  • Simplify LED incorporation in scope.

Review these promising innovations, and see what the “Sharks” had to say about each one, in this GI & Hepatology News article. To hear directly from the 2017 Shark Tank participants, watch the video below.

[embedded content]

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