2015-07-19 19:07:54 UTC

May 19, 2015

Clara Abraham, MD, will focus on the roles of PRRs, cytokine regulation and JAK pathways in IBD.

Clara Abraham, MD, of Yale University in New Haven, CT, recieved the 2015 American Gastroenterological Association-Pfizer JAK IBD Research Grant.

Dr. Abraham will focus her grant research on pattern recognition receptors (PRRs), cytokine regulation and JAK pathways, which all play a critical role in IBD. 

“IBD is characterized by dysregulated intestinal cytokines. In intestinal tissues, pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) on myeloid-derived cells mediate host responses to microbes,” Dr. Abraham said.

“The studies proposed in this award are expected to enhance our understanding of the contribution of JAK-associated cytokine signaling pathways in regulating PRR responses in the distinct states and myeloid cell subsets within the intestine, and therefore, our ability to target these pathways in IBD,” Dr. Abraham added. 

Dr. Abraham is honored to receive the grant from the AGA Research Foundation and Pfizer. 

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