2017-06-29 16:09:27 UTC

June 29, 2017

GI experts share their thoughts and approaches to monitor and prevent physician burnout.

Forming small groups for off campus meals, reviewing past sessions on burnout, delving deeper into what has changed in the GI profession, specifically for trainees; these are some of the areas people in the AGA Community are exploring to better understand and prevent burnout.

Brijen Shah, MD, offered a summary of the Digestive Disease Week® (DDW) session and its corresponding survey on burnout and wellness in the GI profession. He consolidated talking points from speakers Laurie Keefer, PhD, AGAF, and Arthur DeCross, MD, AGAF, and offered two relevant articles on the subject.

The survey was led by Dr. DeCross, who also shared some preliminary thoughts in the Community forum based on the survey results, including why burnout is suddenly accelerating, especially among trainees.    

Have you or any GI groups you know established monitoring tools for burnout? Do you know of any supportive programs in place? View the discussion and share your ideas in the community discussion on physician burnout