In our efforts to serve practicing gastroenterologists and address their needs, AGA conducted a practice needs assessment survey and interviews to get insights on the key issues and challenges. The survey focused on specific areas of importance for AGA members: practice resource needs, Medicare Quality Payment Program (QPP) and learning preferences.

Physicians in all practice settings are impacted and are looking for resources and tools to improve performance, cost and quality. There is an unmet need for clinicians looking for guidance on maximizing reimbursement under the QPP; strategies to maximize practice operations efficiency; and disease-specific tools and resources (e.g., patient management tools).

AGA aims to play a vital role in developing and disseminating successful strategies to help physicians in all settings survive and thrive in the new era of value-based health care. AGA is committed to addressing the areas impacting practicing gastroenterologists:

AGA is looking to develop decision support tools and patient management tools. In addition, we are looking to assist with cost and quality metrics to demonstrate effective clinical practice, and increasing practice efficiency and quality patient care.

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