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Nov. 30, 2016

Along with follow up biopsies in celiac treatment, authors address topics including NAFLD, SIBO and gastritis in the latest issue of AGA’s opinion magazine.

AGA Perspectives‘ current issue dives into the role of routine follow-up biopsies in continuing celiac disease treatment. Authors Benjamin Lebwohl, MD, MS, and Daniel Leffler, MD, MS, discuss their reasons for each side in the issue’s featured debate. 

While Dr. Lebwohl supports routine follow-up biopsies as a staple of celiac treatment, Dr. Leffler does not believe routine screening is necessary for a majority of patients. Have thoughts on this topic? Participate in our Twitter poll to share your view.

Other topics in this issue include the latest updates in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease by Pegah Golabi, MD, and Zobair Yonossi, MD, MPH, a comprehensive overview on hemostatis of nonvariceal GI bleeding by Dennis Jensen, MD, and a look at strategies for diagnosing and treating small intestinal bacterial overgrowth by Nipaporn Pichetshote, MD, and Mark Pimentel, MD, FRCP.

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