An exciting collaboration between AGA and ReachMD

AGA and ReachMD are offering a unique way to support GI education and increase your company’s visibility. AGA and ReachMD will highlight emerging data published in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology (CGH) through GI Insights on the ReachMD platform. CGH is ranked 8th out of 80 journals in the Gastroenterology and Hepatology field of digestive disease and has an Impact Factor of 7.958.

GI Insights will:

  • Provide content to help busy health care professionals keep up with evolving data.
  • Distribute education on well-known medical distribution channels: on air, on demand and on mobile.
  • Be supported by a full marketing plan ensuring reach to your target audiences.

All programs receive:

  • 15-minute audio or video interview.
  • 12-month branded landing page on describing the program and experts.
  • 12-month strategic marketing plan to drive engagements, including social media, on air announcements, daily and weekly eNewsletter distribution, inclusion in specialty eNewsletters, and other audience generation tactics.
  • Multiple media formats for each program.
  • Monthly metrics and engagement reports.
  • 12 months of on-demand placement.
  • 80 on-air/radio placements (audio portion).

For more details, please contact:

ReachMD — Kathlyn Hunt at 215-264-6609 or

AGA — Emma Shaw at 301-941-2637 or