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The AGA Research Foundation is AGA’s charitable arm. Through the foundation, AGA offers research grants to young investigators to foster scientific discovery that will ultimately improve the care of patients with digestive diseases.

We Need Your Support

Research is the only way to advance our field and improve the understanding, prevention, treatment and cure of digestive diseases.

AGA is committed to supporting future research, but the availability of our awards depends on your funding. By funding a grant through the AGA Research Foundation, you can:

• Kickstart the research careers of creative young scientists working towards improving the health and outcomes of patients with digestive disorders.

• Help keep young investigators in research, during a time when federal research funding is limited.

• Showcase your commitment to advancing research, with the ultimate goal of finding new diagnostics and treatments for patients.

Recent Award Winners

See what industry support has meant to AGA Research Foundation grantees. Find out how you can support GI research with a grant in your company’s name.

Brian J. DeBosch, MD, PhD

AGA-Gilead Sciences Research Scholar Award in Liver Disease

“I am truly thankful to receive this award and would like to extend my sincere appreciation to the AGA Research Foundation and Gilead Sciences. This support comes at a key juncture in my career development, bridging the critical gap between fellowship and post-doctoral research training to full independence. It is with deep gratitude and a profound sense of duty that I take full advantage of the new opportunities afforded with the AGA-Gilead Sciences Research Scholar Award in Liver Disease.

Meenakshi Rao, MD, PhD

AGA-Takeda Pharmaceuticals International Research Scholar Award in Neurogastroenterology

The AGA-Takeda Pharmaceuticals Research Scholar Award in Neurogastroenterology will not only provide research support essential to advancing my research into functional GI disorders, but also provides resources at a critical stage of my career as I build an independent research program focused on studying the enteric nervous system. I am deeply grateful to the AGA Research Foundation and Takeda Pharmaceuticals for this recognition and support.

Guan Xu, PhD

AGA-Boston Scientific Career Development Technology and Innovation Award

“The results of this AGA-Bosting Scientific-funded project will support the application for further funding support by NIH and eventually the implementation of the proposed device in clinics for improved IBD management and patient outcomes. I deeply appreciate this award, which has launched my independent research career in the medical imaging discipline. 

Latest From AGA’s Journals


Gastroenterology is the premiere journal in the field of gastroenterology and hepatology, with an impact factor of 18.187.


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CMGH is AGA’s newest peer-reviewed journal, publishing impactful digestive biology research in GI, hepatology and pancreatology.

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