2018-03-05 13:29:37 UTC

March 5, 2018

AGA’s new guideline on medical management of opioid-induced constipation is open until March 30.

The AGA Institute is seeking public comments on a new guideline for the medical management of opioid-induced constipation (OIC). It does not address the role of psychological therapy, alternative medicine approaches, surgery or devices. The guideline and technical review also do not directly address questions regarding the diagnostic evaluation of OIC. Additionally, combination opioid agonists/antagonists are not specifically addressed by the technical review or guideline recommendation statements, though these agents may result in less constipation than pure opioid agonists when used for management of chronic pain.

Review and submit feedback by March 30.

The AGA Institute is seeking public comments on the technical review, clinical practice guideline, Clinical Decision Support Tool and accompanying tables for the medical management of OIC. The technical review is an objective report of the clinical evidence underlying the recommendations for clinical practice presented in the guideline. Please review the following documents:

Submit your comments by completing this survey. The public comment period will end at noon ET on Friday, March 30.


About the public comment period

This AGA evidence-based clinical practice guideline employs the Grades of Recommendation Assessment, Development and Evaluation (GRADE) system, which provides a user-friendly way to rate the quality of the evidence, as well as the strength of clinical recommendations. 

The public comment period is an integral part of AGA’s guideline development process. Public comment allows AGA members, as well as key stakeholders, to review and comment on upcoming guidelines and their accompanying technical reviews.

Once an AGA guideline panel releases the drafts for public comment, identified stakeholders are alerted and have 30 days to submit their comments through an online survey. After the 30-day period ends, the guideline panel reviews and responds to the comments within two weeks. Revisions to the draft documents are at the discretion of the panel, but all comments must be considered and responses internally documented.

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