2016-03-22 22:42:21 UTC

March 22, 2016

There are two popular ways to leave a percentage of your estate to the AGA Research Foundation and impact future GI research.

It’s easier than you think to make a difference that will help future generations. One of the simplest and most effective ways to make a difference is by leaving the AGA Research Foundation a percentage of your estate.

Including a gift of a percentage of your estate or a percentage of your residual estate ensures that your donation will remain proportionate to your estate size, no matter how it fluctuates over the years.

Making Your Gift
These are two popular ways to leave a percentage of your estate to the AGA Research Foundation: 

  1. Include a gift in your will or living trust. By putting aside a percentage of the assets in your will or trust — from 1 to 100 percent — you can leave a legacy while making sure your family has the security they may need in the future.
  2. Name us as partial beneficiary of your retirement plan assets or life insurance. By dividing up your assets in percentages, you can benefit loved ones and us. To make this type of gift, simply contact the administrator of your retirement account or insurance company for a change-of-beneficiary form today.

Learn More
 A gift of any size from your estate can make a big difference at the AGA Research Foundation. To learn more about these or other flexible options to extend your support, visit http://gastro.planmylegacy.org or contact Harmony Excellent at 301-272-1602 or hexcellent@gastro.org.