2017-12-21 16:16:34 UTC

Dec. 21, 2017

Three questions to ask when negotiating a new employment contract.

A perfect contract doesn’t make up for a horrible situation. A terrible contract doesn’t mean it’s not a wonderful opportunity for a career. Jon Appino from Contract Diagnostics went over the basic structure of a contract during the 2017 AGA Regional Practice Skills Workshop held in Pinehurst, North Carolina, a program of the AGA Trainee and Early Career Committee. 

When reviewing a contract, Mr. Appino recommends you consider asking:

  • Legal questions – these include reviewing items such as liquidated damages and malpractice insurance.
  • Questions about your benefits — remember to ask when certain benefits start as many may not coincide with your start date.
  • Questions about how the compensation structure is set up — knowing if a bonus is a percentage of billings versus collections can lead to very different structures.

The full presentation is available as a member benefit.

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